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At Chandak, we open our hearts and accept you as a part of our ever-growing incredibly huge family of homeowners.

We stand and abide by our commitment to offering you a haven of love, laughter, joy, hassle-free transactions, and a transparent association.

Our endeavor is always to ensure that the beginning of the journey to a new address greets you with new opportunities and immense delight.


The Chandak culture is a people-first culture wherein our customers, employees, and partners are our topmost priority. 

At every step, we strive to be more open, more understanding, and more human to further encourage and ensure a fostering and long-lasting relationship with our customer family.

With multiple events planned throughout the year, we are equally excited to witness and be a part of your happy smiles and lasting memories.


Chandak Group - Family Day - April 2023
Chandak Group joyfully invited its employees and their families to the Nishchay Project for an exciting Family Day 2023. Management, HODs, employees, kids and their families mingled, introduced, and interacted with each other. Kids were enthralled with entertaining activities. #ChandakFamilyDay2023
This year Chandak Internal Cricket Teams met at Andheri Sports Complex Turf to play yet another 1-day event of Chandak Premier League, it was a day full of adrenaline filled enthusiasm & umpteen displays of sportsmanship from all teams.
Chandak Group Annual Day - October 2022
Chandak Group brought in Diwali with its Annual Day in October 2022. It was a spectacular event with Knowledge Sharing Sessions from the Senior Management and lots of Fun & Entertaining Activities along. #AnnualDay2022
Aqua Magica - Office Picnic - July 2022
Chandak Team enjoyed themselves in a day full of exciting & fun Aqua Adventures at the Aqua Magica Water Park. Here's a glimpse from the Office Picnic. #OfficePicnic2022
Chandak Group's - The Great Carnival - May 2022
Chandak Group put together a superb Carnival experience for clients at our GreenAiry project, it was a fun family event with activities for people of all ages. #TheGreatCarnival2022
Chandak Group - Family Day - March 2022
Chandak Group welcomed its employees and their family members to the new office space on 26th March, 2022. The day was spent with management & family members introducing & interacting with each other, while kids were engrossed in activities that kept them entertained for the day. #ChandakFamilyDay2022
Chandak Premier League - Cricket Tournament - February 2022
Chandak Group Internal Cricket Teams met on-ground to play an exciting Cricket Tournament. Team Spirit, Enthusiasm, Sportsmanship & Leadership were seen at play during the tournament. #ChandakPremierLeague2022
Team Chandak Becomes Santa For Under-Privileged Kids - December 2021
Chandak Group employees became Santa for under-privileged kids who continue to learn at Municipal Schools in December 2021 by gifting them with educational aids & supplies that would help them to learn even better. #CSRActivity2021
Office Picnic - October 2021
Chandak Team indulged themselves in a day full of fun & frolic at the Monteria Resort, Khalapur. Here's a glimpse from the Office Picnic. #OfficePicnic2021
Chandak Group Annual Day - November 2021
Chandak Group celebrated its Annual Day in November 2021 with a bang while bringing in Diwali the Festival of Lights. #AnnualDay2021

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