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Chandak Group makes Valentine’s extra special with a First-of-Its-Kind Balcony Experience at Borivali.

This Valentine’s Day, Chandak Group took love to new heights with a unique and innovative outdoor experience for their project Chandak GreenAiry, Borivali, WEH. While Mumbai boasts high-rises, balcony apartments remain a rare commodity. The Real Estate developer installed their latest outdoor innovation in Mumbai – The Valentine Balcony. 

On Valentine’s Day, 14th February 2024, an actual outdoor romantic balcony was recreated, and it captured the imagination of the visitors. The balcony was designed keeping OOH in mind and was almost the size of a billboard which helped future homeowners visualise their balcony.

A Step into a Balcony Paradise Where Precious Moments Came Alive

The Valentine Balcony managed to change the point of view of anyone who experienced it. Visitors were able to imagine stargazing with a loved one, a conversation over a romantic candlelit dinner, or simply relaxing in a private haven in the embrace of the city lights; all from the comfort of one’s very own balcony.

The outdoor balcony at Chandak GreenAiry demonstrated how a balcony space, complete with cosy seating, ambient lighting, and stunning décor, can create the right atmosphere for a memorable evening with your loved one.

Chandak GreenAiry’s Valentine Balcony Created a Buzz

The idea was to help the target audience understand what their future home could look like. This outdoor innovation was part of an upcoming marketing campaign that generated significant interest amongst the people in the western suburbs. Its strategic placement facing the Western Express Highway proved to be highly successful. Many pedestrians were seen taking selfies with the media innovation in frame, while both the real estate and media communities were also abuzz with discussions about the Valentine Balcony.

Chandak GreenAiry’s balcony residences are more than just a visual treat; this apartment feature is designed to redefine urban living. They are integral parts of homes; residents can enjoy a breath of fresh air, ample natural light, and magnificent views. Located strategically in Borivali, WEH, this ongoing project presents 2BHK balcony residences offering 20+ modern amenities available from the 37th floor onwards, with views of Sanjay Gandhi National Park and the spectacular Mumbai cityscape. These super-spacious balconies would be perfect for creating a private outdoor seating space, entertaining guests, or simply enjoying quality time.

About Chandak Group

Chandak Group is one of the leading real estate developers with over 35 years of legacy, aiming to transform the real estate skyline of Mumbai. Their humble yet significant contribution to the city's growth stands as a testament to their reliability. With over 10 million sq. ft. developed, every brick laid, and every blueprint drawn reflects the efforts of their passionate team. Their unwavering commitment to Excellence In Delivery has served as the foundation for their success. With over 30+ completed projects, they take pride in fulfilling their promises and creating spaces for over 8500 families. This track record provides them with the optimism to stand firmly by their tagline 'Promises Made. Promises Kept'.

The Valentine Balcony showcased by Chandak Group wasn’t just a beautiful display; it provided visitors with a unique vision into their future homes.

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Project registered on MahaRERA as “GreenAiry”.