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At Chandak Group, we open our hearts and accept you as a part of our ever-growing incredibly huge family of homeowners.

We stand and abide by our commitment to offering you a haven of love, laughter, joy, hassle-free transactions, and a transparent association.

Our endeavour is always to ensure that the beginning of the journey to a new address greets you with new opportunities and immense delight.


At Chandak Group, culture is a people-first culture wherein our customers, employees, and partners are our topmost priority. 

At every step, we strive to be more open, more understanding, and more human to further encourage and ensure a fostering and long-lasting relationship with our customer family.

With multiple events planned throughout the year, we are equally excited to witness and be a part of your happy smiles and lasting memories.


Chandak Group Family Day 2024
We cherish the memories of seeing colleagues, families, and management connect and have fun at Chandak Unicorn. From introductions to exciting activities, the day was filled with laughter and lasting moments. Thank you to everyone who participated in making it a special day! #ChandakFamilyDay2024
Chandak Premier League 2024
Flashback to the dynamic cricket showdown at Chandak Premier League, hosted by Chandak Group just three days ago! The men of Chandak Group led their teams through a day filled with intense cricket battles. Meanwhile, the women of Chandak exhibited their badminton finesse in a gripping tournament. Relish the thrilling moments through captivating images capturing the essence of this sports extravaganza. Chandak Premier League - where every snapshot tells a story of sportsmanship and triumph! #CPL2024 #ChandakGroup #CricketFever
Annual Day & Diwali Party 2023
Dive into the vibrant tapestry of our Annual Day & Diwali Party 2023! Our celebration was a dazzling fusion of festivity and insights, where sparkling presentations illuminated the path to future endeavors. Join us in reliving the magic of a superb evening, filled with joy, camaraderie, and visionary talks from our esteemed promoters.
Navrarti - October 2023
Navratri 2023 at Chandak Group: A Superb Celebration Uniting All! Our Head Office and Site Sales Offices came alive with vibrant colors, music, and dance, as every level in the company joined in the festive spirit. It was a joyous, inclusive, and unforgettable celebration of unity and togetherness.
Della Adventures - Office Picnic - August 2023
From corporate meetings to thrilling zip line adventures! Here are some raw and incredible moments with our team, documented during our recent expedition to Della Adventures.
Employee Health Check-Up Camp 2023
Chandak Group goes the extra mile to care for its employees' well-being by organizing a health check-up camp, providing them with convenient access to essential medical screenings and promoting a culture of proactive health management.
International Day Of Yoga 2023
Chandak Group's Yoga Day 2023 sessions brought residents together for a transformative experience led by esteemed instructors from The Yoga Institute. Through their expert guidance, residents immersed themselves in yoga, finding strength & serenity. It was a harmonious celebration fostering a deeper connection with oneself and the community.
Chandak Group - Family Day - April 2023
Chandak Group joyfully invited its employees and their families to the Nishchay Project for an exciting Family Day 2023. Management, HODs, employees, kids and their families mingled, introduced, and interacted with each other. Kids were enthralled with entertaining activities. #ChandakFamilyDay2023
This year Chandak Internal Cricket Teams met at Andheri Sports Complex Turf to play yet another 1-day event of Chandak Premier League, it was a day full of adrenaline filled enthusiasm & umpteen displays of sportsmanship from all teams.

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