Unveiling Chembur’s Hotspots


Unveiling Chembur’s Hotspots

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15th May 2024

Chembur, a vibrant suburb nestled in the heart of Mumbai, is a treasure trove of experiences waiting to be discovered. We’ll explore the best ‘must-visit’ places of Chembur that both visitors and residents alike are bound to enjoy. Whether you're a nature lover, a history buff, or a foodie, you're sure to find something to your liking in Chembur.

Chembur's Culinary Scene: A Feast of Food and Drinks

Chembur is a culinary paradise for food enthusiasts. Begin your gastronomic journey at the iconic Shiv Sagar in Diamond Garden, offering a delectable blend of Indian and Chinese cuisine. For the quintessential Mumbai snack visit Nandu Vada Pav or Aunty Vada Pav in Chembur East. These humble eateries have been dishing out delicious vada pavs for years, drawing crowds with their irresistible flavours, nostalgic charm and lively atmosphere. They are bite-sized pieces of Chembur's food heritage.

Chembur's culinary tapestry is enriched by its Sindhi food joints, which have been serving authentic flavours for decades. One such gem is Sindhu Bhavan, an age-old establishment known for its sumptuous Sindhi thali. Here, you can relish the flavours of Sindhi curry, dal pakwan, koki, and much more, all meticulously prepared with traditional recipes passed down through generations. You can also visit VIG Refreshments, a thirty-year-old establishment famous for its Dal Pakwan.

Do visit the iconic Jhama Sweets, famous for its farsan and gulab jamuns or Satu’s Sweets Shop for hot jalebis. 


You can also enjoy modern-age cuisines and dining at Chembur Social, The Bar Stock Exchange, Tiger Tiger Lounge, Family Tree and Delhi Se, Virat Kohli’s favourite place to enjoy authentic chole bhature.


Chembur is a place where local flavours come alive. The food culture is as diverse as its residents.

Chembur's Cultural Kaleidoscope: Theatre and Beyond

The Chembur Fine Arts Society is considered the modern-day temple for art and culture. From classical music enthusiasts to contemporary art aficionados, this society embraces all forms of artistic expression. Some of the famous artists who have performed here are Pandit Ravishankar, Sonu Nigam, Shri Rajat Kumar, C.V. Chandrasekhar and many more.

Another annual event is the Chembur Festival which draws residents and visitors alike to partake in its vibrant celebrations. Launched in 2011 by the Chembur Citizen's Welfare Association, this festival serves as a testament to the community's commitment to preserving and showcasing the rich cultural and heritage treasures of the region through a myriad of cultural performances, art exhibitions, workshops, and heritage walks.

The Flourishing Green Spaces of Chembur


In Chembur, the ecosystem extends beyond its green spaces. Families gather for picnics, children revel in playgrounds, seniors find solace in their strolls, and youngsters engage in cricket matches. 

The renowned Diamond Garden is a timeless landmark in Chembur that not only showcases natural beauty but also boasts a preserved HAL GNAT E 325 fighter jet on display, adding a touch of aviation history to your leisurely stroll.


For those seeking tranquillity away from the city's bustle, Chimni Garden is an oasis of serenity. Its long winding paths make it a favourite spot for walkers, allowing you to immerse yourself in peaceful surroundings and reconnect with nature's serenade. 


Additionally, Chembur offers a plethora of other gardens like DK Sandu Udyan and Gandhi Maidan, further enhancing the suburb's reputation as a hotspot for nature enthusiasts and leisure seekers. It also has the iconic Bombay Presidency Golf Club, a hidden gem that beckons golf enthusiasts to tee off amidst its sprawling greens. 



Chembur is a captivating blend of the old and the new, the spiritual and the cultural, the serene and the bustling. It offers an exceptional quality of life for its residents.


The suburb's well-planned infrastructure, proximity to major business

districts and access to quality educational institutions make it an attractive choice for families and professionals alike. Chembur's sense of community and its commitment to preserving its cultural heritage creates a unique living experience. 


As you explore its myriad hotspots, you'll come to understand why Chembur is an experience waiting to be embraced.