Reimagining Urban Living: New-age Home Buyers And Their Love For Modern Amenities


Reimagining Urban Living: New-age Home Buyers And Their Love For Modern Amenities

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15th July 2023

Modern urban dwellers have shifted their preferences when it comes to real estate – they no longer seek just a house, but an enriched lifestyle. One of the most influential factors in this decision-making process is the availability and quality of amenities. Amenities are features that enhance the comfort, convenience, and luxury quotient of residents, thereby playing a pivotal role in elevating lifestyle and shaping perceptions.

Amenities serve as the backbone of luxury real estate projects, offering residents a lifestyle that epitomizes comfort, elegance, and exclusivity. For example, plush AV Rooms, Panoramic Sky Lounges, Private Dining Rooms, Squash courts, Concierge services, Olympic-sized swimming pools and other premium offerings help transform a property into a high-end, sought-after haven. 

These luxury amenities not only provide convenience but also create an environment of opulence that affluent buyers find irresistible. Such premium offerings allow residents to enjoy the comforts of a hotel-like experience in their own homes, making luxury living the new norm in urban real estate.

The rise of community-based amenities in real estate projects is a testament to our collective yearning for connection and interaction. Facilities like clubhouses, community centers, walking trails, sports courts, and social gathering spaces encourage social engagement and foster a sense of community.

These amenities are not just about recreation; they're also about fostering a vibrant, interconnected community within the residential complex. The inclusion of such communal amenities provides a platform for residents to interact, thereby enriching their overall living experience.

Which is why at Codename Nostalgia, a residential project by Chandak Group we have the choicest of amenities that enable our residents to have a holistic living experience. Offering a blend of luxury amenities and community-based facilities, Codename Nostalgia, at Malad West, exemplifies the perfect integration of comfort and community in a residential complex.

Here, residents can indulge in a variety of activities with amenities like a Modern Gym, Café, Yoga Lawn, and Kids Play Area. For sports enthusiasts, the project offers a Mini Squash Court, Wellness Zone and an Infinity Edge Pool. The Party Lawn, Banquet Hall, and a Mini Theatre cater to residents' luxury aspirations, while the Senior Citizen Area and Library add a communal touch.

Emphasizing the work-life balance, Codename Nostalgia also includes a 'work from terrace' feature, offering residents the tranquility they need while managing professional commitments.

Codename Nostalgia, at Malad West by Chandak Group offers the joy of yesteryears with its serene atmosphere and the comfort of the future with its premium amenities in spacious Duplexes and 2 & 3 BHK apartments with private balconies. It stands as a testament to the role of amenities in shaping lifestyle and perceptions in today's urban living scenario. 


The project is currently marketed as Codename Nostalgia and is registered on the MahaRERA website as Chandak Treesourus bearing MahaRERA registration no. P51800048658 and is available on The list of standard offerings, amenities and other details are available for verification at site. Intending purchasers are requested to verify all the project details before acting in any manner. The project is financed by ICICI Bank Limited.