APRIL 2022


APRIL 2022

Fresh Beginnings This Summer At Chandak

We are back with another edition of the Chandak Group Newsletter. With everything new on the horizon – New Financial Year and Hindu New Year – it all just makes us believe stronger than ever that 'NOW' is the right time for trying new and auspicious things. With that thought in mind, we are happy to bring to you the latest version of our Newsletter that will give you home interior ideas, a glimpse of our new office and some of the latest Real Estate News and Trivia that should not be missed! 

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Chandak Group's New Office - Walkthrough Video

Here's a glimpse of Chandak Group's New Office in Andheri East.

Chandak Group Celebrates Family Fun Day

A glimpse into the Family Fun Day event at our new workspace where our families marked their presence! Thanking all for making this event a huge success.

Chandak Group Wishes A Very Gudi Padwa

Let the significance of every element of the Gudi dwell and prosper in your home and life! #HappyGudiPadwa #ChandakGroup #PromisesMadePromisesKept

#BreakTheBias | Chandak Group Breaks The Bias On International Women's Day 2022

On International Women's Day 2022 Chandak Group Celebrated the ones who are breaking the bias and rising high with pride.

Top 20 Home Decor Ideas You Can Easily DIY

Recycle old bottles, do wall decor, glitter mason jars and more decorative tips for the walls of your precious homes.



Facts & Trivia - Modern World Architectural Wonders
Empire State Building
One of the first tall buildings to sport a classic pencil-like shape, it has inspired countless architectural designs. For this reason, the Empire State remains iconic while also being falsely underappreciated, especially in the 21st century where cubism is no longer mainstream.
Facts & Trivia - Modern World Architectural Wonders
Guggenheim Museum Bilbao
With simplicity at its forefront, it is a majestic exhibition space constructed of limestone, glass & titanium that follows the contours of the Nervión river. It hosts over 19 galleries, of which 10 are formed with classing orthogonal plan with limestone finish, while the rest galleries are all clad in titanium.
Facts & Trivia - Modern World Architectural Wonders
World Trade Center Transportation Hub
The World Trade Center Transportation Hub features an arched, elliptical above-ground main station house called the Oculus. One glance and you can feel a peaceful & adventurous spirit being evoked. It is an embodiment of freedom. Its design is inspired by an image of a bird released from a child’s hands.
Facts & Trivia - Modern World Architectural Wonders
Bahai Lotus Temple
Few of the world's beautifully designed worship places can be compared to Bahai Lotus Temple in Delhi. It features a nine-sided circular shape and manifests in the form of 27 marble-clad petals assembled in three clusters. Worshipers & tourists from all over the world flock to visit it. The temple can accommodate a total of 2500 visitors. It is surrounded by 9 ponds & gardens contributing to the total property area.
Facts & Trivia - Modern World Architectural Wonders
Jatiya Sangsad Bhaban
The Jatiya Sangsad Bhaban or the National Parliament House of Bangladesh was designed by Louis Kahn and was built from 1962 to 1974. It is a genuine interpretation of modern architecture design conformed with Bengali vernacular. Kahn's designs made use of simplistic materials that could be sourced locally. It was ensured that the structure could survive the harsh desert region. Today, this building remains not only as one of Kahn’s most notable works but also as a symbolic monument of the Bangladesh Government.
Facts & Trivia - Modern World Architectural Wonders
Heydar Aliyev Center
Post its independence from USSR in 1991, Azerbaijan heavily invested in modernizing & developing the infrastructure & architecture of its urban capital Baku. A great effort was put in to depart from its Soviet-era-style design. In 2007, Zaha Hadid Architects were appointed to design Heydar Aliyev Center. Every inch of the architecture radiates outstanding engineering, meant to achieve a surface continuity to the point that it appears homogenous. It is made of two collaborating systems: a concrete structure combined with a space frame system. It displays modern structural solutions such as curved ‘boot columns’ & ‘dovetail’ tapering of cantilever beams. The substructure within incorporates glass fibre reinforced concrete (GFRC) & glass fibre reinforced polyester (GFRP) that allow forceful plasticity while responding to various functional demands.
Facts & Trivia - Modern World Architectural Wonders
Berlin Jewish Museum
The Berlin Jewish Museum was designed by Daniel Libeskind, and selected in an anonymous competition held by the Berlin Government. During the Competition, Libeskind offered a radical & zigzag design, which earned the nickname "Blitz" ie. Lightning. His architectural design became an expression of the Jewish lifestyle before, during, and following the Holocaust of WWII. The only way in for the visitors is from the Baroque museum in an underground corridor, the concept behind such a design was to evoke in visitors a glimpse of the harsh experiences endured by Jewish masses during the War. The interior is composed of reinforced concrete involving a 20-metre-tall void, it is less of a museum and more of an experience, making it a true embodiment of those lost during one of the darkest phases of humanity.

Real Estate Bulletin

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